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[Lynx-dev] Google Mail trouble: `div' elements within `a' elements' bodi

From: Ivan Shmakov
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Google Mail trouble: `div' elements within `a' elements' bodies
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 23:10:29 +0700
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        (It's hardly the right list to discuss the problem I'm having,
        but well, I know no other list or group where it may fit.)

        A few months ago, the ``Basic HTML'' interface of Google Mail
        was changed so that it now uses constructs like:

<b>From Who</b>...</td>
<a href="?v=c&th=hexnumber">
<div><font size=1><font color=#006633>
<b>On something</b>

        Lynx (as of 2.8.5 debian 2sarge2.2) seems to render this part as
        appropriate.  However, the link is inactive.

        As per HTML 4.01, the block-level elements, such as DIV, are not
        allowed within the A element contents [1], so it appears that
        it's the Google Mail coders which are to blame.  I've tried to
        report the issue [2], but I've seen no reaction upon it ever

        I wonder, does any newer version of Lynx ``support'' the
        constructs like the above, and if there's no such version, may I
        hope that the feature to digest such constructs in a Google
        Mail-friendly fashion will be added to Lynx in the near future?

        Or is there any better way to report the problems with Google
        Mail than the one I've undertaken with [2]?


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