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[Lynx-dev] Little script for Lynx updates [].

From: Patrick
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Little script for Lynx updates [].
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 17:48:05 -0700

Hi.  :-)

I think the comments describe it pretty well [maybe a little
*too* well... sorry if it's a bit long-winded], so I'll just
repeat some of them here.

#  This script was written to address a minor pet peeve of mine, with
#  relation to updating Lynx.  The script [part of the
#  Lynx sources] will preserve your old settings by appending them to the
#  new lynx.cfg, but then they're out of context.  This could also cause
#  problems for some, because the *last* occurrence of a given setting
#  will take precedence.  So if you change something in the body of the
#  file, another, conflicting item appended to the end may still
#  override it.
#  This script [tries to] interleave your old settings with the relevant
#  comments in the new file.  `Orphaned' settings are still appended to
#  the end, if it can't find a proper context for them.
#  However, this IS NOT a drop-in replacement for , which
#  accepts different command-line options, does some filtering for dead
#  URLs [mine doesn't], and plays nicely with the makefile [wrt the
#  HELPFILE setting in particular].

If anyone really wanted one of these, they probably would have
written it my now.  Or maybe they did, and didn't think to spread
it around.  Anyway, I hope you'll find it useful.

The rest is here;

Just look for `'.


Hand me a pair of leather pants and a CASIO keyboard -- I'm
living for today!

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