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[Lynx-dev] manipulating bookmarks via internal lynx commands

From: David Combs
Subject: [Lynx-dev] manipulating bookmarks via internal lynx commands
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 16:05:24 -0400
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I go to a bookmark (ie a site).  Drat, now seems dead!


1: delete it straight off -- GONE!

2: "mark" it somehow (via an html comment?) as
      . being considered for deletion
      . try it again soon -- maybe the server was down or overloaded, etc.
         (implementing it such that one can later *automate* the "was it really
          dead" test, the code doing it being *within* lynx -- ie via a command
          "every 10 seconds, try another maybe-dead one, the result being the 
             a: "still dead after 2nd try" or
             b: "AH HA -- IS ACTUALLY *ALIVE*" (as of time X?)
       (The internal-to-html comment-mark should have unique 
        begin-and-end-string, so easy to remove via sed, awk, whatever).

  OR perhaps by adding (no, MOVING) them to multi-bookmark-files of similar 
purposes --
   but the BIG disadvantage of that being that they LOSE their RELATIVE 
   in the original bookmark-files, which could be a real loss if you have a 
   of most-important being near the top, or arranged by type -- and you later 
   to NOT delete one or more of them.


(If I had any idea of how lynx was implemented, organized, what .c files
 did what, etc, MAYBE (not being an accomplished (at all!) C-programmer)
 I'd could just do all this stuff MYSELF -- and then let you guys edit it
 down to half-the size and twice or squared the code-quality!)


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