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[Lynx-dev] Is Lynx downloadable?

From: Rob Cookenour - T.C. Lewis & Co. Properties
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Is Lynx downloadable?
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 09:50:26 -0400

Google recommends I visit this link for the Lynx text browser:
I go there, and I don't see anything that says "download" or "Lynx Text Browser"....just a link to Lynx 2-8-5. What is this? Is this what we're to download? If I read on...I see a link that says "current developmental version" .... and that means what? Nothing is labeled for the user...we just meandor till we run across it? Well, I click the "current developmental version" thinking that it will lead me to a clear and easily understood interface to simply download the Lynx Text Browser. So, I arrive at this page from the link:
Again, the info design is confounding. There's lots of links to various related issues, but nothing that says anything about the text browser download. Users don't need a piece-meal web page do they? Please help.
I see a grain of hope when I read "The following v2.8.6 files are available for downloading"
Why not lable something "Download v2.8.6 here."
Again, I see some hope in a link labeled "the distribution file." That means what? Is that for the normal family like us to download the browser? The word distribution makes it sound like it is for something else.
We continue to click around and finally reach:
Again, a bunch of links to . . . . various formats??? Formats???
Will we ever see "download the browser here"
Sandra said to click on mirror sites..we do.
Again, lots of links to unvisited sites....nothing for someone simply wanting to download the browser. So, we click what looks promising, "The primary HTTP distribution site is "
We click it. Wow! We've managed to make a complete circle. The link took us to:
What a comfort to land right back where the confusion started. All we wanted was to take the advice of the Google link and improve our new web designing skills by using the Lynx Text Browser to optimize our sites.
If your site would like to add a text browser to your site for downloading or using....why not save the runaround and just put a link to this site:
You simply enter the url and wow! There you on the right side where the text browser is ready and waiting. That will make your site more actually making a text browser available.
There's no need to reply
Hope you apply the tip of linking to the other site and then have happy visitors.
Enjoy the day,
Rob & Family

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