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[Lynx-dev] full session support

From: PBM .
Subject: [Lynx-dev] full session support
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 17:59:36 +0000

Patch for dev7.

This patch add 2 new features to lynx.
[also removes MAXHIST_REACHED because it is not used anymore]

Cache Jar - this was already there as patch but now is available only if
USE_CACHEJAR is defined.

Sessions support - to use it USE_SESSIONS must be defined. (in userdefs.h)

Sorry I did not touched configure script that is job for TD :-)

Little examples


lynx -session=session_file

will output session info to that file, and/or resume from it if it is not empty.

So what is saved in such file: goto urls, searched strings, Visited
Links and History entries.
You can edit that file as any other file (comments are allowed, but
will be removed when saving session in that file)

In lynx.cfg there is option AUTO_SESSIONS if you want that: sessions
is automatically saved before exit and restored after start of lynx
from specified file, which is also set from lynx.cfg (..)
SESSION_LIMIT from lynx.cfg defines how much info will be stored in
such file. Default is 250: which means that:
max 250
goto urls,
searched strings,
visited links and
history entries will be saved -> max 1000 lines per session file.

There are no limitations for restoring of session, so session file can
be really big.

Known bugs:

Documentation would be nice, I'm not native speaker. (Somebody over there?)

I belief that Visited links state can not be fully 100% saved/resumed
because of various performance's hacks in lynx code. (Saving/resuming
pointers doesnt have sense) So I think that Visited links as tree (or
last visit, first visit, first visit reversed ...)  will not be as
they where in session before.
That need more testing. Unfortunately this can not be fixed.

Performance: That need more testing (with SESSION_LIMIT > 1000)

I also plan to add (if and only if this patch find its way in lynx)


runtime options (stolen from retawq) and option in lynx.cfg which will
define which session stuff will be stored in file: for example: only
searched strings or only visited links and goto urls.

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