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Re: [Lynx-dev] patch: extended numbering wish

From: PBM .
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] patch: extended numbering wish
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 01:22:09 +0200

On 6/12/07, Thomas Dickey wrote:
I agree that the key assignments should all be rebindable.

But LYK_PRINT already has a different meaning.

Implementing rebinding for the scattered places where they're not
localized isn't likely to be just that simple.

I see, LYK_PRINT should be for printing without looking in page,
for page display manipulation there is already LYK_NEXT_PAGE and
LYK_PREV_PAGE,this is my design fault. I will try to add small
changes to LYgetstr to allow using page up/down in follow_link_number
so instead of LYK_PRINT LYK_NEXT_PAGE and LYK_PREV_PAGE would be used.

> btw, should we provide buttons with icons for this stuff ?

sounds like another prompt/message - I'm not sure what that would look

that was (bad) joke.

On 6/13/2007, Henry Nelson wrote:
Not sure what this means.  There are going to be a LOT of surprised
users if pressing 'g' doesn't show a prompt to enter a URL, and if
pressing 'p' doesn't bring up the Print Option Menu for the document
being viewed.
That is unchanged, only using numbers when link are numbered is improved.
Look for messsages in past. (was wish from hsv)

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