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[Lynx-dev] fix for popup rendering problems

From: PBM .
Subject: [Lynx-dev] fix for popup rendering problems
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 23:46:49 +0200

If popup box have 10 entries and numbers act as arrows are not true
and if user scroll with arrows to bottom, on 10th entry strange thing
Cause for this is probably this line from LYhandlePopupList function

num_choices = LYarrayLength(choices) - 1; which should not be decreased for one.

if that line stay as is; there is only two lines which remain to
change: just numbers are in/de/creased by one.

first from FormatChoiceNum function:

int digits = (num_choices > 9) ? 2 : 1; ---> int digits = (num_choices
8) ? 2 : 1;

and second from LYhandlePopupList itself which incorrectly count digits of Lnum
sprintf(Cnum, "%d: ",  num_choices); ---> sprintf(Cnum, "%d: ",
num_choices + 1);

changing num_choice would mean that more that two lines need changes,
and if not properly done
lynx may crash.
I hope that this fix for this bug did not broke anything other.

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