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[Lynx-dev] important improvements

From: PBM .
Subject: [Lynx-dev] important improvements
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 14:39:44 +0200

functions like handle_LYK_UP_TWO, handle_LYK_DOWN_TWO, handle_LYK_UP_HALF, handle_LYK_DOWN_HALF from LYMainLoop.c are waste of CPU cycles and disk space, they are not useful at all and should be removed.

Also It would be nice to add SCROLL_STEP=2 in lynx.cfg and scroll_step global variable so user can change how many lines would be scrolled per command.

 case LYK_UP_TWO:
            handle_LYK_UP_TWO(&arrowup, &old_c, real_c);

would look like:

 case LYK_UP_TWO:
 handle_LYK_UP_xxx(&arrowup, &old_c, real_c, scroll_step);

I do not plan to make patch, because there is already to many patches and this is trivial to change.
BTW when new dev lynx will come?

I also notice weird memory leak when pressing 'V' or backspace for Visited Links page and history buffer.
Just watch how lynx increase its memory when you keep that keys pressed all the time.

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