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Re: [Lynx-dev] what about being cut off

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] what about being cut off
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 15:10:21 -0400
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On Thu, May 03, 2007 at 12:59:52PM -0400, address@hidden wrote:
> I hav a problem, the opposite of the pause-problem. I set up my Win98 to
> hang up after 12 min of idleness, the problem with which is that a steady
> flow of data, as from downloading a big one, is not not idleness unless
> one now and then does something from the keyboard, say, checks for new
> e-mail.
> Now this is a fault with Windows 98, but it leads to a problem with Lynx.
> When Win98 hangs up, Lynx takes the downloaded file for finished, not
> cut off. Indeed, I can hang up at any time and Lynx takes the file for
> finished.

I seem to recall that older ftp protocol didn't provide size and modification
times, but some newer ones do - it's worth checking for the feature and
using the information if it's available, so lynx can detect this case.

Thomas E. Dickey

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