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[Lynx-dev] Help, Lynx and Https

From: Antonio Latronico
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Help, Lynx and Https
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 12:39:21 +0200


im an italian boy, graduated in computer science from Bari

im newbie of the os freebsd and lynx, the mine default os is linux ubuntu

i have a question for you...

now im using the os freebsd only by the command line and have need to read the mine email on the web

i have the account with "@gmail", the same that im writing,

dont know what version use of the lynx browser, is the default that is present on the cd released with freebsd 6.2 for amd 64

the mine problem is :

when i try to connect at : "" i get an avvertise that lynx cant open the web page encrypt like https and ssl

there is a way for allow also at Lynx to open this  type of pages and therefore is possible to logon in a web mail server?

i have to patch everything?

if i use only the http protocol i use lynx very well

thank you already for the answer, i hope that this great browser can use the https protocol

best regards


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