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[Lynx-dev] Lynx general flaws

From: Rado S
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Lynx general flaws
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 15:13:49 +0100
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- the extra display of "Using .../tmp-file.gz" (cached file)
causes extra sleep-time but is mostly useless. It would be nice if
HTFWriter.c:311,323 could be changed to just put the message in
the message history rather than be shown and sleep. I've commented
it out in using.pat until there is the ideal solution (either as
described above or configurable via lynx.cfg or lynxrc).
(I've also attached for convenience a cleaner patch for the
"attribute without value breaks source display" problem, which
I've sent as correction last time in-line)

- "label" style is listed as if it had a special meaning to lynx,
but there is also the HTML-tag "label" -> conflict: what is lynx's
"label" anyway?

        I couldn't figure out what these items are for:
        - candy, value, menu.n, label

- <input type="button"> is _not_ clickable!!! It is already
represented with this nice "[BUTTON]" string, let's click it.

- when numbered links are on, then they are displayed in the same
color as the anchor-string. Would be nice if it used menu.n
instead (or some other _own_ ID) to have a separate color.

- the [] around <select>/ <option> are not consistently colored:
        [ has <option> color, ] has <select> color.

- <bdo> tag fails to reverse the order.

- the correct tag name is "<abbr>", not "<abbrev>", see abbr.pat.

- <noscript> is missing altogether.

- google is lynx-aware, nice, but bad when you use a custom
agent-string! When agent != lynx, then the "next pages"-links are
not clickable. The difference between a lynx-friendly ==
functional and a bad page are empty <div> tags which seem to
confuse lynx not to produce links for 1,2,3..., 'Next'.

- links with img anchor have 'img'-color, not 'a' color for the
img-label that is used for clicking: bad.

- When "TOGGLE_IMAGE" to have links for images, then have img-link
be 'img'-color, img-label (alt, filename) be 'a'-color.
        When processing IMG check whether it's nested in A, then
        not color IMG but use surrounding color.

- With links for images ON and anchor has txt-before and
text-after img, then the 'a'nchor link is given first followed by
the 'img'-link, but the colors are wrong:
        - text-before is 'a'-color, img-label is 'img'-color,
                per above both together should be 'a'-color.
        - text-after is correctly 'a'-color, but is part of the

- WTF lightgray + brown and not white + yellow and use "bright"
consistently with all other colors? :-/

© Rado S. -- You must provide YOUR effort for your goal!
EVERY effort counts: at least to show your attitude.
You're responsible for ALL of it: you get what you give.

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