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[Lynx-dev] Configurability

From: Jason Spiro
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Configurability
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 13:13:02 -0800


A pet peeve of mine regarding Lynx is the fact that "Using
http://...";, "Location URL is not absolute", and "Accepting all
cookies from..." display for a full second each. It takes me 15 sec or
so from the time I click "Log In" at until my inbox
appears, including the invalid-cookie-prompting and
SSL-certificate-prompting time.

Also, I am a big fan of the TEXTBOXES_NEED_ACTIVATION option as I use
Links and form fields are numbered navigation.

I can't edit the lynx.cfg file on all the machines I use, and I
dislike editing lynx.cfg anyway because the file is so big.

1. Is it possible you could make the message display time and
TEXTBOXES_NEED_ACTIVATION configurable through the Options screen?

2. Also, is it possible you could make "Save options to disk" the default?

Jason Spiro

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