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[Lynx-dev] if Post_data parameter's values differ?

From: netsonic netsonic
Subject: [Lynx-dev] if Post_data parameter's values differ?
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 10:50:34 -0800 (PST)

Hi again i have achieved something at last;

lynx -accept_all_cookies -post_data < parameters.txt

parameters.txt file has this below;

---  //this 3 line shows end of parameters

the commans above works well(i am calling this command from remote terminal by .jsp file ssh api)

thats ok but here another problem user's parameter's value will change...So is there anyway to change the full command similar to this one below???(not using any text file)

lynx -accept_all_cookies -post_data < user=Burak&password=123456&semester=20051 ---

please help me about this situation and show me a way can it be or not or how??

thanks a lot


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