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Re: [Lynx-dev] Lynx on z/OS

From: gilmap
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] Lynx on z/OS
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 18:00:22 -0600 (MDT)

In a recent note, address@hidden said:

> Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 18:54:04 +0200
> Hi List,
> the last entry about OS/390 in Lynx documentation I found was from about
> October 2000. So I would like to tell you about my experiences installing
I fairly regularly build development releases on z/OS; most recently
Lynx 2.8.6dev.13 (07 Jun 2005).  (I guess I'm the perpetrator of
the OS/390 port.)

> Lynx on OS/390 's successor z/OS. The referenced jobs are attached as plain
> text files.
I'm reposting the jobs, since I received them as unnamed attachments.
I'm pretty sure I identified them correctly.  (I edited some control
characters in LYNXFTP).

> During my work on Lynx on z/OS, I found it runs only in z/OS Unix (aka.
> Open Edition OEMVS or Unix System Services USS). Because of this, it is
> very important to have a correctly configured C-Compiler and Language
> Environment for z/OS Unix. I used CCNCMP, i.e. C/C++ Compiler for z/OS, no
> clue if old ANSI CBCCMP for OS/390 works. IBM offers good hints about LE
> settings for z/OS Unix on their USS homepage.
> I really would like to know if anyone has experiences with a pure MVS
> version using 3270 / ISPF.
Very unlikely to happen because there is no 3270 support for curses.

> As prerequisites for building Lynx I installed GNU versions of various
> programs like make, lex and yacc (i.e. gmake, flex and bison) as described
> in "Open Source Software on z/OS and OS/390 UNIX", IBM-Form # SG24-5944-01.
lexx and yacc shouldn't be necessary.  I always build into separate
target directories, so gmake is essential to me; IBM's make doesn't
support VPATH.

> I found a source paket of lynx in version V2R8M5 in the internet. It was a
That's the current stable version.

> compressed-tar-file (tar.Z). This archive-file was transferred to z/OS via
> binary ftp. I choosed my individual /u-directory in the hierarchical file
> system (HFS) as target (job LYNXFTP). I unloaded the archive with the
> /bin/pax program using character set conversion from ASCII ISO8859-1 to
> EBCDIC IBM-1047 (job LYNXLOAD). The archive was unloaded into a HFS
> subdirectory "lynx2-8-5" located under target directory (be sure to have
HFS is required here because "pax" won't load into Classic data sets.

> some secondary extents available for your HFS data set). As described in
> the installation manual, I executed the configure script (job LYNXCONF).
> It ran without problems and created some configuration- and make-files.
> I executed the makefile to compile and link the sources (job LYNXGMAK).
> Indeed, I needed some attempts and found following points to change for my
> z/OS installation:
>       as mentioned above, I used GNU make instead IBM make. I left IBM make
>       at its default name "make" and choosed GNU make to be called as
>       "gmake" instead of "make". Therefore, I needed to change makefile
>       environment variables "MAKE" from make to gmake. This was done
That shouldn't be necessary; gmake sets MAKE to the path by which
it was called.  (Or have you an example to the contrary?)

>       manually, think of e.g.:
>       first use "/bin/find . -type f -name "makefile" -exec /bin/egrep -l
>       MAKE {} \;" to find all makefiles containing some information about
>       which make to use. I change the values to GNU make for all of the
>       makefile (I found two of them) manually with the ISPF editor.
>       The file "lynx_cfg.h" contains a preprocessor directive that defines
>       a value of "1" to HAVE_WATTR_GET. I think, this enables Lynx to use
>       some C-function "getwattr()". Unfortunately, our C environment does
>       not have this function. I added a record "#undef HAVE_WATTR_GET"
>       directly after the record "#define HAVE_WATTR_GET 1" in "lynx_cfg.h"
>       as a circumvention.
This comes out of "configure".  I have not had this problem.  stdout
from configure tells me, "checking for wattr_get... yes"

> After I was successful, LYNXGMAK still produced some spool in STDERR DD,
> but this seems to be all right because these are no error messages.
> However, STDOUT DD reads "Welcome to Lynx" at one of its last records. An
> additional execcution of gmake with parameter "test" delivered "nothing to
> be done for test".
> For installation I had not much to do, it is just another execution of
> gmake. As mentioned above, I installed some GNU utilities already. They
> reside in a HFS mounted on /usr/lpp/local. This is specific to z/OS because
> all other products like e.g. DB2, DFSMS and CICS TS have their mountpoints
> in /usr/lpp-HFS. To be conform with GNU reading of /usr-HFS I defined a HFS
> alias (symlink-link) which relates /usr/local to /usr/lpp/local.
> To copy Lynx libraries into /usr/local means to manipulate something
> outside my own /u-HFS. An effective UID of zero is sufficient to do so. As
> a system programmer I have read access to RACF BPX.SUPERUSER facility class
> profile. Without this, an installation may be done into your own HFS, I
> think. There are some parameters to pass to the configure script. But I am
> not familiar with this.
For my configure, I use (perhaps extravagantly):

cd    ../OS390 &&
rm -f config.cache

cd    ../OS390 &&
{   PATH=/mvsoeecc/tools/bin:/pub/unsup/.arch/390OE/bin:/bin:\
/usr/sbin:/mvsoeecc/sppg/bin         \
    _BPX_SHAREAS=YES                 \
      time ../src/configure          \
        --enable-cgi-links           \
         } 2>&1 | tee figlog &

> To change the effective UID to zero, I had to modify LYNXGMAK a little bit
> as described in LYNXGMKR. I executed LYNXGMKR three times: with the
> install, install-help and install-doc parameter. These jobs ran fine and I
> was able to start Lynx from a telnet vt100 session (May be other types of
> teletypes work, too. But I choosed vt100 to make clear it was no 3270).
I use "TERM=xterm-xfree86".  But you need to build that.  Mostly
I build xterm on Solaris and rlogin to z/OS.

I avoid batch whenever possible; I build in a linemode POSIX
shell.  But I have a massive cheat sheet and build by cutting
and pasting with mouse onto Unix command line.

> Cheers
> Michael
Thanks for sharing.  Do I need to update the OS/390 instructions
(even if only to say "z/OS") from the version at:

   Linkname: ./docs/OS-390.announce

> (See attached file: LYNXCONF)(See attached file: LYNXFTP)(See attached
> file: LYNXGMAK)(See attached file: LYNXGMKR)(See attached file: LYNXUNLD)
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> Provinzial Versicherungen
> Michael Kläschen
> Sophienblatt 33
> 24114 Kiel
> Telefon (0431) 603-1968
> Telefax (0431) 603-101968
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks again,

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