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[Lynx-dev] Re: non-pkgsrc emacs or clone (fwd)

From: Klaus Klein
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Re: non-pkgsrc emacs or clone (fwd)
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 16:39:12 +0200
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Todd Vierling wrote:
> On Tue, 24 May 2005, Stef Caunter wrote:
> > I started this thread because *not only* the lynx browser but
> > emacs also won't build with the supplied stock make and this is *less good 
> > than
> > before*.
> >
> > Follow the thread: it's not lynx, and not emacs, it's NetBSD 2.0 make that
> > is the problem.
> No.  Read the POSIX make standard.  Follow the thread:  It is the lynx
> makefile that is the problem.  ".h" is NOT a standard default in .SUFFIXES;
> it MUST be specified explicitly, even if it "just works" out of luck because
> of nonstandard defaults on some OS's or older versions of some OS's.

Three final points on this subject:

1) I observe the WWW reference library that comes with lynx
   already does explicitly add .h to .SUFFIXES; apparently it
   was written with portability in mind.

2) There's little use in recognizing a suffix that no inference
   rules are being shipped for.  (What sensible rule would that

3) Presumably because of 2) the original V7 make did not do so.

- Klaus

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