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[Lynx-dev] off-topic: proxies, sockets and http requests

From: J Willard Gibbs
Subject: [Lynx-dev] off-topic: proxies, sockets and http requests
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 11:23:37 -0400

Sorry for the bother but if anyone can clue me in I would really appreciate it.

Thing is, on my heavily policed network, lynx can fetch html documents from a given website with no problem. However with C(BSD Sockets), Perl (LWP) and Java (URL/URLConnection), I get connection timeouts every time. Java even provides automatic Proxy detection although when I do that part in isolation it seems to indicate that it would try to use a direct connection.

What is lynx (or IE for that matter) doing to make the connection to the server, that my simplistic fetch programs don't do?

I tried looking at the lynx source code but it was simply too large and complex for me to try to put together some ideas on this specific question. It is also not possible for me to read the network directly, or else I would simply observe what lynx is doing at that level, and emulate it.


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