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Re: [Lynx-dev] can Lynx be used today ? (fwd)

From: purslow
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] can Lynx be used today ? (fwd)
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 19:12:32 -0400
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040912 Edwin Davidson wrote:
> Can a text-based web browser like Lynx really be used in 2004
> with web sites powered by Javascript, XML, ASP and the like ?

this seems to be arriving at lynx-dev every few weeks,
so perhaps a response is in order.

i'ld say Lynx is a niche player these days, but an important one.
everyone has different needs & preferences, but mine lead me
to use Konqueror (on Xfce4 on Gentoo Linux) as normal browser
w Galeon in reserve & Firefox available, but almost never used.
w broadband & KDE 3.2/3 support, Konqueror is as fast as anything,
so Lynx's former appeal of speed in rendering has been bypassed.

however, i do use Lynx for  3  things regularly:
(1) sending news stories to others, wh is easier w Lynx + Mutt + Gvim ;
(2) reading local HTML files, typically help dox of some kind ;
(3) reading  1  major newspaper, wh ordinarily requires free registration,
wh fails w Konqueror & Galeon for some reason (mb their bad cookies),
but whose text is all accessible w Lynx w/o any need to login
(i'm not saying wh paper it is, lest they change things (grin)!).

it seems v unlikely that anyone now will take the trouble
to write the code to allow Lynx to handle JS etc, but one never knows ...

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