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Re: [Lynx-dev] Re: failed to visit google with lynx-cur 2.8.6dev.2

From: Walter Ian Kaye
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] Re: failed to visit google with lynx-cur 2.8.6dev.2
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 05:44:46 -0700

At 05:39a -0400 05/07/2004, Thomas Dickey didst inscribe upon an electronic papyrus:

On Fri, 7 May 2004, [ISO-8859-1] FrÈdÈric L. W. Meunier wrote:

 > On Thu, 6 May 2004, Thomas Dickey wrote:
 > > On Thu, 6 May 2004, Larry W. Virden wrote:
 > >
 > > > I am seeing the same problem today with lynx 2.8.5dev.16
 > >
 > > perhaps it's an "improvement" to google's site (I'm reasonably sure I've
 > > used lynx in the past week to lookup something on google).
 > It worked fine for me until a few hours ago.
 > all fail.

They seem to work for me.  Perhaps it's related to the query parameters
(I'm only looking at relatively plain ones such as my name).

It's working fine for me in 2.8.5dev.16...

However, AltaVista has been odd lately. Aside from the newly tiny text box, its contents disintegrate upon search and I'm left with just a "+" in it, instead of the entire search query. Oh wait, now it's not doing it. Maybe it was 2.8.4rel.1. I'll have to make a note the next time it occurs... Or was it Google... I'll report next time.


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