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lynx-dev .mailcap vs. HTSetPresentation

From: gilmap
Subject: lynx-dev .mailcap vs. HTSetPresentation
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 10:43:20 -0700 (MST)

I recently decided I could view MPEGs, etc. with a shell command on
my iBook.  So I put the command in my ~/.mailcap and pointed Lynx at
a video/mpeg.  Nothing happened.  I did a trace.  I found Lynx was
calling something called "mpeg_play", which doesn't exist.  As a
circumvention, I put a one-line script in my PATH.  But I disagree
with Lynx here.

o For example, the XLoadImageCommand can be supressed in lynx.cfg
  with an arcane but well-documented parameter:

  if (XLoadImageCommand && *XLoadImageCommand) {
      HTSetPresentation("image/gif",    XLoadImageCommand,  1.0, 3.0, 0.0, 0);
      [ ... ]
  HTSetPresentation("video/mpeg",       "mpeg_play %s &",   1.0, 3.0, 0.0, 0);

  ... but on such facility exists to disable the hard-coded "mpeg_play".

o Perhaps the hard-coded "mpeg_play" can be overridden in lynx.cfg.  But
  this shouldn't be necessary.  .mailcap is the central place where I
  should be able to define all helper apps, putting only desired
  exceptions in lynx.cfg.  Mailcap is specified in RFC 1524; Lynx should
  respect that.

(The only exception should be for text/html.  I have Lynx coded in my
.mailcap as my html viewer.  An early version of Lynx would then fork
itself in order to render HTML pages.  Fortunately, it did not perform
this logic for its startup document, so it didn't loop indefinitely.
And also fortunately, the current Lynx doesn't fork itself.)

-- gil

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