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Re: lynx-dev Revised DOS makefiles [PATCH]

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Revised DOS makefiles [PATCH]
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 11:13:55 +0300 (MSK)

26-Jan-2004 07:57 Doug Kaufman wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Jan 2004, Gisle Vanem wrote:

>> "Doug Kaufman" <address@hidden> said:
>> > - -I/djgpp/pdcur24 \
>> > - -I/djgpp/watt32/inc \
>> > - -I/djgpp/watt32/inc/sys
>> > + -I/dev/env/DJDIR/pdcur26 \
>> > + -I/dev/env/DJDIR/watt32/inc \
>> > + -I/dev/env/DJDIR/watt32/inc/sys
>> I think it's only you that keeps Watt-32 under the djgpp tree.
>> IMHO it' better to say:
>> -I/dev/env/WATT_ROOT/inc
>> Is the "inc/sys" dir really needed now after there is
>> both a <syslog.h> and <sys/syslog.h>?

> Good question. I didn't check. I'll see if I can try to recompile
> without it. I don't have it in my CFLAGS directive when I use the
> configure mechanism, so it probably isn't necessary.

Yes, */watt32/inc/sys  include path is not used any more
and can be removed from all djgpp make files in lynx tree.

>> >  WWWLIB = \
>> >   ../WWW/Library/djgpp/libwww.a \
>> > - /djgpp/pdcur26/lib/pdcurses.a
>> > + /dev/env/DJDIR/pdcur26/lib/pdcurses.a
>> I think it's more common to keep packages under
>> $DJDIR/contrib.

I am probably the other person who builds lynx/DJGPP using supplied
makefiles (with some tweaks).  Perhaps the best way would be writing a
couple of comment lines in each makefile.dos/dsl  file:

# please adjust absolute paths for pdcurses and watt32 libraries
# and theirs include directories accordingly.

[The main reason why I avoid configure on DOS is its speed - it takes
nearly 20 minutes or so, perhaps due to simulation pipes with files.
It is a bit annoying to reconfigure several test bulds - profile/leaks/etc,
instead I correct one line in two makefiles.]

> You have just pointed out correctly that there really isn't a standard
> location for the libraries and no automated way to determine where
> they are. I can only presume that anyone knowledgable enough about
> their system to try to compile a program such as lynx under DOS
> would know where their programs are. I think I still favor using
> the configure mechanism, rather than the makefiles, but once again
> you would need to use the CFLAGS and LIBS directives before running
> configure to identify where the files are. Using WATT_ROOT does add
> flexibility for placement of the watt-32 directory, but requires that
> WATT_ROOT be in the environment, or the build will fail. I generally
> only have WATT_ROOT defined when I am compiling watt-32; I don't know
> what most DJGPP users do.

> I don't know why you think people keep packages under $DJDIR/contrib.
> I haven't seen that when doing "make install" commonly. The DJGPP port
> of bzip2 does install its DJGPP readme there, however.

> I am only using the makefiles for testing; I use configure when
> building my own versions of lynx. You may be the only person still
> using premade makefiles for building the DJGPP version of lynx, but
> I thought that you wrote your own. It looks like the makefiles in
> the distribution haven't really worked well for a while (certainly
> true for the Slang makefile). I don't have any strong feeling about
> what the default is in the makefiles; they will probably need to be
> modified anyway by whoever wants to compile with them. I think of the
> default directories as placeholders, showing users where to substitute
> their own paths.
>                        Doug
> --
> Doug Kaufman
> Internet: address@hidden

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