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Re: lynx-dev Segfault with https

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Segfault with https
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 21:07:53 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Henry Nelson wrote:

> > Now I try to connect to
> >
> The problems with this site wrt Lynx are discussed in the thread
> "FORCE_SSL_PROMPT:NO" in July, 2003, (see posts by Thorsten Glaser)
> and slightly more recently in Sep., 2003, same thread.
> My meager understanding was that there was a problem with the port and
> with case sensitivity.  A patch has already been submitted??

it's incorporated in my development patch at

(I'm going out of town on Tuesday, but may have time to update that patch
for some fixes from last week - have spent the past couple of days against
another deadline).

Thomas E. Dickey

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