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Re: lynx-dev url#name is treated the same as url for -dump

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: Re: lynx-dev url#name is treated the same as url for -dump
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 02:12:54 -0700

The original request was clearly wrong, but there is a reasonable
thought behind it.  It's reasonable to ask for a way to dump a page
starting at a particular fragment; it just should not be an automatic

That is, lynx could do the following:

Dump whole document:

  lynx -dump

Dump starting at the specified fragment:

  lynx -dump -start_at_fragment

Dump only the specified fragment (i.e. stop immediately before the next
fragment anchor, if any, in the document):

  lynx -dump -one_fragment

And of course these could be set in a user's .lynxrc so that if they
think the default should be something other than "dump the whole
thing", they have control over that.  This implies one other thing:

  lynx -dump -start_at_fragment
  lynx -dump -one_fragment

-- these commands should dump the whole document even if it does have
fragment anchors; else you can't leave them turned on in your .lynxrc.

I'm not proposing to implement this myself, just trying to defend the
original poster a little help and guide a sensible implementation, if
anyone decides to do it.

The request seems reasonable to me because there currently is no way to
see fragment anchors in dumped output.  They leave no footprints in the
dump, so there's no sensible way to postprocess `lynx -dump` output to
achieve the requested effect.

So, another way to meet the request would be to add a flag that causes
fragment anchors to be visually denoted in the dump.  Then a simple
script could postprocess a dump to do whatever you want.  An advantage
of this approach is that it could also be applied to interactive use:

  Here we are talking about blah blah blah.

  [#config] Configuring the blah blah server ...

  [#shutdown] Stopping the blah blah server ...

I've seen plenty of documents where it would have been instructive to
see the author's fragment anchors inlined in the document.


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