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From: Pat Walsh
Subject: lynx-dev DIRED_MENU://REMOVE_SINGLE
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 12:50:56 -0600
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DIRED_MENU:FILE::Remove File:(current selection):LYNXDIRED://REMOVE_SINGLE%p
DIRED_MENU:DIR::Remove Directory:(current selection):LYNXDIRED://REMOVE_SINGLE%p

The same REMOVE_SINGLE delete action is used for both files and
directories.  For a directory it behaves as rm(1) -rf, which is
severe, even with the confirmation prompt.  It's much too easy to do a
series of "r,y"s reflexively when cleaning up a directory without
scrutinizing the prompt text.  There should be a REMOVE_DIR, or
REMOVE_SINGLE's action on a directory changed, to behave as rmdir(1),
refusing to remove the directory if there are still files within.
Much safer.  It's easy enough to first remove all files in the
directory to be removed with t)ag.

I'm passing this on from someone with recent and extensive experience
using debugfs.

Patrick J. Walsh
Edmonton AB, Canada
pjwalsh ftml net

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