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lynx-dev lynxexec URL anomalies

From: Pat Walsh
Subject: lynx-dev lynxexec URL anomalies
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 13:44:09 -0600
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The lynxexec and lynxprog URLs are handy, especially in a jumps file.

from lynx_URL_support.html -

   If execution of spawned commands has been enabled in your Lynx image,
   the lynxexec and lynxprog URLs can be used to execute arbitrary system
   commands or invoke system utilities. Any system command and associated
   switches or qualifiers can be used, with the syntax appropriate for a
   shell running Lynx on Unix, or for DCL on VMS, e.g.:
      lynxexec:dir/date/size foo:[blah] (VMS)
      lynxexec:ls -l /foo/blah          (Unix)
   You optionally can include //localhost/ in the URL, between the scheme
   field and the command, but that is always implied. 

Judging from this, "lynxexec:ls" is legal, and "lynxexec:clear;ls"
should be too (test examples :).

However, the first (single command) can be executed with Execution Links
set FOR LOCAL FILES ONLY, while the later (more than one command)
results in the errors:

    Alert!: Executable link rejected due to `;' character.
    Alert!: Execution is not enabled for this file. See the Options
    menu (use O).

Using lynxexec URLs with more than one system command requires setting
Execution Links to ALWAYS ON, a needless security risk.

Also, the lynxexec URLs will execute from an activated link, but not
from the g)oto command, unless Execution Links are set ALWAYS ON:
        You are not allowed to goto "lynxexec:" URLs
(regardless whether they contain one or more than one system command)

If the multiple command lynxexec's are set in a jumps file and called
using the Jump command (as opposed to activating the link), they will
execute without having to switch Execution Links to ALWAYS ON.

Patrick J. Walsh
Edmonton AB, Canada
pjwalsh ftml net

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