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lynx-dev: Yahoo mail and lynx w32 ssl

From: Jacques Jamain
Subject: lynx-dev: Yahoo mail and lynx w32 ssl
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 17:46:21 +0100
User-agent: VSoup v1.2.9.48Beta [OS/2]

    back to August 2002 when yahoo withdraw the free remote access to
    its pop server. The only free access has been then the web and a
    contributor to that list gave some tricks to access the yahoo mail
    with Lynx without java script support.
    It works correctly (some buttons have been lost) with the OS2 flavor
    of Lynx.
    This account (it came from some years ago...) is for me
    a good spam collector.
    Recently  I reshaped a 486 notebook with W95, DSL, ... to navigate on
    Internet from my home network. I installed the W32 ssl version of Lynx

     lynxw32.lzh at <>

    and  now it is impossible to sign in to my yahoo account with this
    notebook. After  many exchanges with the yahoo mail support (it is
    responsive but I think it is a robot with caned answers...) the
    yahoo diagnostic is either:
       - you must enable javascript in your browser, or
       - it's a problem in your browser
     even after showing them that I can compose mail messages with Lynx
     OS2, from my account to their support.
     My diagnostic is that they block the Lynx W32 on the user agent
     header: Lynx/2.8.4rel.1-mirabilos libww...
     For Lynx OS2 it is: Lynx/2.8.4dev.20 libww...

     Is that diagnostic correct and if yes is there any means to fake
     the user agent header?
     (I had the same problem with the Opera browser but this has been
     corrected by yahoo. For the story Opera has a built-in user agent
     header fakeing in its preferences: Mozilla, Netscape, Msie.....;)

     Thanks in advance for your help.
     Had a nice week end.

PS: in searching help in the Lynx online help i found some obsolete

  Lynx Information ->
    online help ->

    invalid links:

      Lynx Links ->
        <> (hacked!!!)

      The Lynx FAQ-O-Matic ->
        <> (does not exist)

jj - Samedi 23 Août 2003 --- 17:46:21 

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