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lynx-dev lynx hangs in command shell

From: Mark Richards
Subject: lynx-dev lynx hangs in command shell
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 12:40:05 -0400

I am attempting to integrate Lynx with an application.  The system,
operating in win32, is built using CA Visual Objects.  VO has a RUN facility
which opens a dos command shell.  I also use a 3d party library, Funcky,
which provides a nicer equivalent.  

When attempting to perform a lynx -dump on the url: Lynx works perfectly at
the command line.  However when it is launched from the CA-VO application,
it fails, and according to its log, hangs at: 

Looking up
HTParseInet: parsing `'.
LYGetHostByName: parsing `'.

What is LYGetHostByName doing exactly?  What's interesting is that this is
the only URL that fails.  

I did an ip lookup on, which returns
(  However a simple http request to this ip returns, "No
web site is configured at this address".  It appears this web site is way
behind a firewall and is further protected with some type of address
translation scheme.

What seems strange is that Lynx will resolve this address perfectly when it
is operated directly on the command line, but when spawned from CA-VO, it

I'd appreciate any suggestions.  Perhaps there's a switch in Lynx that I am
not aware of which might help?

Mark Richards

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