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Re: lynx-dev Wishlist: Javascript protocol and EXTERNAL

From: Morten Bo Johansen
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Wishlist: Javascript protocol and EXTERNAL
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 20:38:08 +0200
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Thomas Dickey <address@hidden> wrote:

TD> It sounds like you want to run an external program with the
TD> contents of the current page (rather than its URL).

No, that's not it. I want to run an external program (in casu
my script) on a link and have the URL of the link modified
according to the script. It works great already for any link
where it makes sense to change the URL for that link, as for
instance getting the "printer friendly" versions of the page
the link points to, instead of the beefed up counterparts. Try,
if you have the time, to put %s:TRUE

in your lynx.cfg and then go to e.g.
and click '.' on a link to an article and see the "printer"
version appear, instead of the obnoxiously fluffy original,
then you'll see what I mean -- it saves time and bandwidth!
The only downside is that it spawns another copy of Lynx
(don't know how to prevent that..(?)) and that it doesn't work
transparently. Well, I would like it to work for those types of
Javascript pop up windows where you might get the contents of the
page, just by joining the partial URL in the javascript reference
to the host URL, like in the example I provided.

It basically means (I think) just to let the command that
underlies the EXTERNAL call (excuse sloppy formulation) work on
Javascript protocol URLs, i.e if you type '.' on a Javascript
link you will get your usual little menu of external programs
like you do on other links. It wouldn't break anything in Lynx,
since the user doing this presumably knows what he is doing.


In capitalism, man exploits man.  In socialism, it's exactly the opposite.
                                 - Ben Tucker, famous vaudeville comedian

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