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Re: lynx-dev tabs for Lynx (was reloading documents)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev tabs for Lynx (was reloading documents)
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 13:46:57 -0400
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030602 Chuck Martin wrote:
> On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 05:48:37PM -0400, Philip Webb wrote:
>> the answer is tabs, well known eg in Galeon, my regular GUI browser.
>> if you don't know re them, you middle-click on the link
>> & the new doc appears under a separate tab at the top of the display:
>> you can then move between docs by clicking on their respective tabs.
>> might something like this be possible in Lynx ?  we couldn't do tabs,
>> but they mb emulated by a list of available docs activated by a defined key.
> I can do something similar to this already, using a shell script as a viewer
> when pressing '.' or ',' to view a page.  My shell script allows me
> to load the specified URL in another screen window, another xterm,
> or either another browser.  Unfortunately, that has to be done
> every time I load a new page if I want the benefit I'm talking about,
> because I don't know ahead of time which pages I'll want to hold onto
> while I go back to another page, and that isn't practical.
> I also don't have the benefit of the current history
> or list of visited links in that other browser or window.

that sounds a bit complex & more limited than tabs.

> Can you duplicate the current page in another tab
> so you can use the current tab to go back to another page
> or do you have to load the page into another tab
> when you first visit that page?

you can goto the same link twice, if you have a visible link to click on,
but there's no command in Galeon to duplicate the current doc in a new tab.
in practice, you decide to open a link in a new tab
if you expect to want to go back without delay,
esp if the page you're on has a lot of images & takes time to load;
or if you expect to be switching back & forth several times.

it sb possible to code something which works the same way in Lynx,
tho' of course there wouldn't be visible tabs: you'ld need a menu.

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