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lynx-dev tabs for Lynx (was reloading documents)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev tabs for Lynx (was reloading documents)
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 17:48:37 -0400
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030529 Chuck Martin wrote:
> As I'm reading these replies, references are made to the original comment,
> but without quotes to refer to.  I know that if I go back to see
> what they're talking about, the page I'm reading right now will have
> to be reloaded, so I have the dilemma whether to take the extra time
> to refer back to the original comment and then wait for the current page
> to reload or not, and sometimes it just isn't worth it.  Sure,
> a new reply might have been added to the bunch since I loaded the page,
> but that's true even if I continue reading and don't go back,
> so what difference does it make?
> I wish they wouldn't *force* me to reload the page every time.
> if no one else beats me to it, I might add such a selective override myself
> in my own copy, if it's inappropriate in the official version.

the answer is tabs, well known eg in Galeon, my regular GUI browser.
if you don't know re them, you middle-click on the link
& the new doc appears under a separate tab at the top of the display:
you can then move between docs by clicking on their respective tabs.

might something like this be possible in Lynx ?  we couldn't do tabs,
but they mb emulated by a list of available docs activated by a defined key.

care to have a go at programming that (smile)?

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