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Re: lynx-dev Re: [PATCH 2.8.5-dev14] *Really* large tables

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: [PATCH 2.8.5-dev14] *Really* large tables
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 17:30:12 +0900 (JST)

Thanks for bearing with me.  I'm not as tolerant of Lynx as I used to be,
and would like to see it do a better job with even some of the simple
tables out there.

>     > There is no dependence between number of cells in a row and that of
>     > the previous row.
>     Unless the previous row is the first row in the table?
> Do not see why this would be relevant.

You're probably right.  I assume Lynx doesn't do anything with colspan?
What I was thinking about, is what does Lynx do when the number of cells
varies from row to row in a single table.  How does it line them up in the
manner intended by the author?  In so many cases, for me anyway, Lynx's
presentation loses orientation of the columns so you never know what goes
under what.  In other words, Lynx needs to fix the width of the cells in
a row (I assume that would have to be done with the information available
in the first row.) so that cells in the same column line up one under the

>     > Number of cells in a row has nothing to do with the screen width.  It
>     Since Lynx can't adjust point size of the font as a GUI browser can, the
>     screen width will dictate the "sensible," i.e., arbitrary, number of cells
>     that can reside in a single row?
> You misunderstood.

Yes, I think so!  I was talking about presentation.  You're talking about
the first step of Lynx "loading" in the whole (even nested) table before
it even begins to build the presentation?

> practical limit is the lynx line width, which is hardwired to be 1000
> chars (or is it 2000 chars?).  So the practical limit is circa 500
> cells (assuming a cell of width 1, and one space to separate them).

We really must be talking about something different.  I'm thinking about
the number of <td>'s that could be reasonably formated in one <tr> as Lynx
renders it on the screen.  With my 80-character-cell, terminal-emulator
view, Lynx really can't squeeze more than about 10 cells across the screen,
unless they only have very short words or one-character symbols.

> Hope this helps,

Yes.  (I suppose I'm off topic.  Sorry.)


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