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Re: lynx-dev very long string in select option box gets cut off

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev very long string in select option box gets cut off
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 10:11:27 +0900 (JST)

> > problem, where, when an option within a select already pushed
> > toward the right margin is very long, the option box gets cut in half
> > and there doesn't seem to be any way to scroll right
> > to read the cut-off portion.
> > I tried  '}' ("Shift the screen right.") , but nothing happens.
> i get a message: "Alert!: Shifting is disabled while line-wrap is in effect".

I do not enable line-wrap, so unless it is enabled by default, this
wouldn't effect my case.  (I don't get such a message.)

> using a terminal window with Xfce on Linux, i can get a very wide display.

I should mention I use TeraTerm, which gives me a fixed 80-character-cell

> Galeon breaks your line after 'Japanese', as do Dillo & Opera:
> isn't that preferable behaviour?
Only preferable.  Normally, that is the situation with English or other
languages that insert spaces between words.  Actually, I prefer the line
not being broken because then the paragraph flows normally, with the
[ select box ] fitting neatly into the sentence.

What I would like to see is the left margin of the pop-up (pull-down?)
menu being shifted to the left until the longest line in the menu fits
on the screen, OR some way to shift the screen to the right to view the
end of the line which is cut off from the screen. 

 o What I see now (with no way to read beyond the right margin):________________
   here_we_insert_a_super_long_word_to_mimic_Japanese |(1)__world record yield__
   d................................], you might say. |(2)__yield constrained by
                                                      |(3)__yield obtainable wit
                                                      |(4)__average yield possib
 o What I'd like to see happen:_________________________________________________
   here_we_insert_a_sup|(1)__world record yield................................|
   d...................|(2)__yield constrained by socio-economic factor........|
                       |(3)__yield obtainable within limits of field...........|
                       |(4)__average yield possible within a particular country|
(Actually, I _thought_ Lynx used to fit the lines on the screen as in the
 second case, but like I say I have no real recollection of seeing a problem
 like this before.)

Yeah, I know, "write the patch." :)


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