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Re: lynx-dev Incorrect centering

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Incorrect centering
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 20:10:20 -0500
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On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 07:30:42PM -0500, Chuck Martin wrote:
> For some reason this message didn't seem to make it to the list,
> so I'm resending it.
> Chuck
> On Fri, Mar 21, 2003 at 05:49:12PM -0500, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> > the TRST code is producing the offset cells - which are odd to look at,
> > but do give a general sense of the layout.  Suppressing that undoes a
> > lot of code - for your purpose it would be simpler to turn that feature
> > off.
> Are you sure about that?  From what I've been able to tell in comparing

reasonably sure - we seem to be talking about the same thing.  There are
other things in TRST than that, of course.

> the non-patched version with the patched version, and from what I
> understand of what the TRST code is supposed to be doing, I'm getting
> the full benefit of the TRST code with the patch, and I don't really
> want to turn that feature off.
> I'm not so sure I really want full table support, anyway, after having
> seen what links and w3m do with pages that abuse it for layout, because
> you often end up with text filling 1/4 to 1/2 the width of the screen,
> and the other 1/2 to 3/4 of the screen going to waste because there's
> nothing there once you scroll down a page or two, but when tables are
> used correctly, for their intended purpose, it's often impossible to
> make sense out of what you're seeing without at least TRST, and even
> then, sometimes you can't make sense out of it because, presumably,
> the table isn't "simple" enough for TRST to do its thing.
> Also, if you look at the block of code that I disabled, you will
> notice that there is a section in there which acts differently if
> SH_EX is defined (isn't that for Japanese?), and the SH_EX behavior
> is different than the non-SH_EX behavior.  It's been awhile since I
> actually followed it through to see where the no_table_center variable
> is set, but I believe defining SH_EX will do basically what my patched
> version is doing.  I'm not sure why that section is #ifdef'ed for
> SH_EX, when it doesn't seem to have anything to do with what language
> you're using.

I can look at that (right now I'm working on tin, for a small patch, and
expect to go back to lynx after that - I'm moving rather slowly because
of a day-job project that's eating a lot of time).

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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