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Re: lynx-dev MingW with S-Lang

From: Gisle Vanem
Subject: Re: lynx-dev MingW with S-Lang
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 23:29:08 +0100

I said:

> I tried with PDcurses 2.6, but that doesn't even compile. Partly because 
> of HTCheckForInterrupt(); As you probably know one cannot use select() 
> on stdin under Windows.

I was a bit hasty in my conclusion. With this little patch of LYutils.c 
Lynx/MingW works with PDcurses:

 PUBLIC int HTCheckForInterrupt NOARGS
     int c;
     int cmd;
 #ifndef VMS /* UNIX stuff: */
+#if !defined(USE_SLANG) && (defined(UNIX) || defined(__DJGPP__) || 
-#if !defined(USE_SLANG) && (defined(UNIX) || defined(__DJGPP__))

    struct timeval socket_timeout;


Pressing 'z' seems to work, but I've no idea how.

BTW. is unaccessible at the moment. Hence
I couldn't provide a proper diff.

Gisle V.

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