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lynx-dev ncurses/cygwin naming conflict building lynx

From: Doug Kaufman
Subject: lynx-dev ncurses/cygwin naming conflict building lynx
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:09:35 -0800 (PST)

I just built lynx2.8.5dev.14 under Cygwin using the latest ncurses
(5.3.20030215). There is a naming conflict between Cygwin and ncurses
which wasn't present in ncurses 5.2. The 5.3 version of "curses.h" now
defines "KEY_EVENT", but "KEY_EVENT" is also defined in the cygwin
header "wincon.h" which is included by "windows.h", which in turn
is included by "HTUtils.h". Am I missing an easy fix, or would this
require a change of the name in either cygwin or ncurses to fix this?
The conflict only causes a warning during compilation.

Doug Kaufman
Internet: address@hidden

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