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Re: lynx-dev Euro symbol

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Euro symbol
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 13:34:45 +0900 (JST)

> > my Latin-1 charset doesn't seem to include the Euro:
> > it's not available for Lynx or Mutt, tho' Galeon shows it well enough.
> > anyone have a suggestion?  Mandrake Linux 9.0rc1 .
> I'm not sure I understand that question: ISO Latin-1 is not defined to
> include a Euro symbol.  "Latin-0" (more properly, iso-8859-15) is.  I
> don't know precisely what relation this info has to Lynx [my copy of
> 2.8.4 still writes "EUR" when it finds the euro sign even in this locale].

I went to great length August last year to explain this in the thread
"Re: Display of SGML Greek Math entities -- solution."  It was a totally
fruitless effort, so let me give it to you from the "horses mouth."

Quoting from "docs/CHANGES2.8":
  * Changed chartrans mechanism (UCdomap.c, makeuctb.c) so that the "default"
    translation table is now used as a fallback for other translation tables.
    This also applies to display character sets which do not have a chartrans
    table file but are listed in LYCharSets.c.  Changed syntax of table files
    (see src/chrtrans/README.format), added a keyword to disable using the
    fallback.  Currently def7_uni (corresponding to "7 bit approximations"
    and the MIME charset "us-ascii") is used as default table, as before;
    but previously the default table didn't have any real meaning.
    Conceptually every translation table (unless it disables fallback) is
    extended as if it included all the replacements from the default table.
    Note that mappings for some characters in the default table file still
    differ from the old mappings given in LYCharSets.c, and what is displayed
    e.g., for umlaut characters may not be consistent, this still has to be
    sorted out.  It may just have become more visible now. - KW
  * Tweaks to some replacement strings in def7_uni.tbl; contributions of
    more useful strings would be welcome... - KW

Thank you Klaus (and Leonid) for "chartrans."


P.S.  Want an instant fix?  Edit "def7_uni.tbl" to replace "EUR" with the
Euro symbol (at U+20AC) and recompile Lynx.  Can't enter the Euro symbol?
Ah-ha, there's your problem.  It has nothing to do with Lynx, and no amount
of hacking to Lynx will change that.  Lynx IS utf-8 compliant today.

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