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Re: lynx-dev Problem with parameters sent in Lynx

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Problem with parameters sent in Lynx
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 11:53:52 +0900 (JST)

> Fringe browsers like IE and Lynx come afterwards when the engine or mainparts
Really?  Last I looked (admittedly about a year ago) my agent logs showed
MSIE at more than 80%.  This is a very biased count since our school provides
Windows to the students, who are by far the largest group accessing my lab's
site.  Curious.  Does MSIE:Mozilla ratio vary significantly due to
demographics, country of origin, site content and such?  BTW, not counting
my own use, I think there were only two accesses by Lynx in 2001. :( :(

> I have used Lynx a lot but never cared about its facilities because it has
> always been able to do for me as a _user_ what I needed. It is the damndest

Lack of support for Javascript seriously hampers Lynx's performance out on
the Internet jungle.  Over the past year I've probably shot off close to a
dozen e-mails chastising educational institutions and professional societies
for building pages and forms that rely on Javascript.  Can't say it has done
a speck of good.

In another post there was some mention that www validators were too noisy.
Using validators is really a must for web authors.  Look around; there are
a number of validators out there.  I am sure there is one that will meet
your needs and be friendly with you.  My preference is:
   Linkname: WDG HTML Validator
It is possible to tone it down while keeping it useful.  I use it even
for pages built by cgi.  It takes a couple of more hours (only because I am
not a trained programmer) sometimes, but the final product usually is of
significantly better quality and more robust, i.e., more consistent over a
range of browsers.

WRT redirect(0), can't you just tell your customers how to configure their
server to do it rather than let them rely on lame HTML?  That is, package
your product with a README.redirect file that gives them a near cut-n-paste
"fix" to their httpd.conf file.


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