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Re: lynx-dev Problem with parameters sent in Lynx

From: Peter Rasmussen
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Problem with parameters sent in Lynx
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 17:00:56 +0100

On Sun Dec 29 16:32:40 2002 Thomas Dickey <address@hidden> wrote:
>On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 04:10:45PM +0100, Peter Rasmussen wrote:
>> On Sun Dec 29 15:07:03 2002 David Woolley <address@hidden> wrote:
>> >> <A HREF="list_one_subject.cgi?397795902 000 DVD_1043951012 00000 
>> >> list_subjects.cgi">DVD All Zones</A>
>> >
>> >This link is malformed.
>> >
>> OK, I accept that, but then why is Lynx the only browser that can't/doesn't
>> deal with it?
>not the only one (Netscape 4.76 doesn't appear to escape the spaces).
>I also tried w3m, which does escape them.  As David said, this is a
>matter of error recovery.  The remote site is free to discard the
>unescaped spaces, which may not be what you intended.  To make it
>unambiguous, we should escape them also.
OK, at least having understood this problem and how to deal with it I could say
I am satisfied, and I won't continue the discussion :-)

I accept that I didn't test it with neither N4.76 or any other N4.* browser
because I don't see them as being actively maintained and developed anymore,
thus 'dead'. Also I didn't test it with w3m that I only know the existance of,
but when it gets to using a textbrowser, Lynx is what I use.

I always attempt to develop against a standard and then test it against well
known and much used browsers, and to me those are Netscape6, Mozilla1.*, Opera6
and sometimes IE5, which I don't have myself. Initially when I couldn't make it
work with Lynx it was put on the nice-to-have list, and I have now reached that 
issue on my list :-)

Fortunately it seems that Lynx in fact is actively developed so I will later
come forward with some other pet peeves I have with it.

Regarding the ' ' vs. %20 issue, isn't there a standard to hold it against or
is it an implementation issue?

Thanks a lot for the work you guys do,


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