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lynx-dev new protocols

From: Carlton Anderson
Subject: lynx-dev new protocols
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 09:08:59 -0800 (PST)

I suggest that we add a few new URL schemes
to Lynx:

  This would allow the user to give a named
  command to Lynx; this might be needed because
  Lynx is running out of keystroke commands.

  This would allow the user to give a script
  command to the browser, e.g.:
    BROWSER_SCRIPT_EXEC:alert("Hello there");

  This would be a shorthand for BROWSER_EXEC:
  Think of it as meta-x (issue named command), e.g.:
    MX: set horizontal-shift 5
    MX: shift-window-left-by 2

  These commands would shift the window left by
  10 columns (under curses).

All of these would be accessible by first
hitting the 'g' key then typing the url scheme
and its parameters , and so the user types:
  gMX: set horizontal-shift 5

In what file do I add new url schemes?

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