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lynx-dev Lynx Browser and FunctionKeys

From: Bernd Kaufmann
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx Browser and FunctionKeys
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 11:39:35 +0200

Hi NewsGroup,

I would use the Lynx Browser for a special Intranet solution running Lynx on
a DOS 6.22 Machine and the user would navigate through an application with

So I have a questions about the Lynx Browser.

Is there a way to navigate through a web-application with the
FunctionKeys. (e.g. submit button1 with <F1> submit button2 with <F2>..)?

If not, what is the best way to modify the Lynx Browser. I would not use
a special tag (e.g <key name="F1" value="page_1.html"></key>) or the
Events onKeydown, onKeypress and onKeyup.

thanx in advance

Bernd Kaufmann

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