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lynx-dev very long <title>; can we not overwrite or change ";" to "(" ?

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: lynx-dev very long <title>; can we not overwrite or change ";" to "(" ?
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 13:49:23 +0900 (JST)

It really bugs me that I have to advertise "Microsoft Internet Explorer"
in the title bar to everyone who accesses my pages with MSIE.  The only
work around I know of is to make a very long <title> to push the M$
insert off the screen.  When you access a document with such a long
<title> in Lynx, the left parenthesis around the page indicator is over-
written with a ";", i.e., you get ";p1 of 2)" rather than "(p1 of 2)."

I looked around in lynx.po for a possible way to personalize my Lynx to
not do this, but I couldn't find anything off hand.  Is that ";" hard-
coded somewhere (and if so where)?

If other people are interested in a "fix," I can think of at least two
ways to go.  I like 1. better since it seems a little more universal.
   1.) change the code so that a character is not overwritten with ";" but
       rather prefix the character inserted by Lynx on the right with "; ".
       The right side of Lynx's title bar would look like: "; (pN of N)".
   2.) simply replace ";" with "("; and get "(pN of N)".  But of course
       there might be situations where you don't want "(".

Let me know if there is any interest at all.


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