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Re: lynx-dev Display of SGML Greek characters

From: Steve White
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Display of SGML Greek characters
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 04:02:43 -0700

>> By itself, this shouldn't have been a problem.  Unicode provides a
>> separate character range (1D400-1D7FF) for Greek Mathematical
>> symbols.  It should have been possible to map the SGML entities to
>> these Unicode characters, then specify 7-bit display strings for
>> those characters.
>That would have violated the HTML specification.  General entities
>are defined in terms of numerical entities.  Although it is possible
>that Lynx short cuts the process, it logically still goes through
>that process.
I don't think so, David.

Let's look at that standard,


again.  Just before the section on Greek SGML characters, it states:

        "To support these entities, user agents may support full [ISO10646]
        or use other means. Display of glyphs for these characters may be
        obtained by being able to display the relevant [ISO10646]
        characters or by other means, such as internally mapping the
        listed entities, numeric character references, and characters to
        the appropriate position in some font that contains the requisite

This is an internal coding matter.  But we don't want to mess up the
Unicode coding for any languages, whether they're currently supported
or not.

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