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Attn: Tom Dickey Re: lynx-dev superscript bugs

From: Steve White
Subject: Attn: Tom Dickey Re: lynx-dev superscript bugs
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 03:44:54 -0700

I have modified the file 'src/chrtrans/def7_uni.tbl' so that the 
names of Greek SGML entities (such as 'alpha") will be displayed 
rather than Roman transliterations ( 'a' for alpha ).

I will post the file to the group presently.  Please let me know if 
there are any problems with including these changes in the next release.

Note especially U+0391 through U+03c9.

Remember, the argument is that no Web page author is going to put 
the SGML entity 'α' into their page, and approve of it being 
rendered as 'a'.  They always mean for the Greek letter to be distinct 
from the Roman one.  So it's better to display the name of the Greek 
letter than a transliteration to a Roman letter.

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