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Re: lynx-dev superscript bugs

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev superscript bugs
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 14:21:15 +0900 (JST)

> In Lynx's rendering of the HTML
> ( 1 - <i>v</i><sup>2</sup> / <i>c</i><sup>2</sup>) <sup>1/2</sup>
> I see two bugs:
> (1) the superscript of the variable v is not rendered as a superscript
> (1) the power 1/2 is not rendered as a superscript

I can't believe I've never bumped into this before.  Weird as it is,
"a" through "f" can be followed by a superscript, but not "g" through
"z".  Even using an entity for "g" ("&103;") doesn't help.  Same is true
of caps.  None of the multibytes I tried would take a superscript
after them either.

a<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; b<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;
c<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; d<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;
e<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; f<sup>2</sup><br>

g<sup>2</sup> &#103;<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;
h<sup>2</sup> &#104;<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>

i<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; j<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;
k<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; l<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;
m<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; n<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;
o<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; p<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;

s<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; t<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;
u<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; v<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;
w<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; x<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;
y<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; z<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;

renders as:

   a^2   b^2   c^2   d^2   e^2   f^2
   g2 g2   h2 h2
   i2   j2   k2   l2   m2   n2   o2   p2   q2
   r2   s2   t2   u2   v2   w2   x2   y2   z2


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