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lynx-dev Greek SGML entities

From: Steve White
Subject: lynx-dev Greek SGML entities
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 16:51:28 -0700

Lynx's current default behavior to Greek SGML entities 
(α, Ξ, etc) is to simply transliterate them.

This is just wrong.  The default rendering for should be a textual 
rendering of the entity name.

I mean, unless someone can explain to me why a web page author would
put β in their page, and think it's OK for it to be rendered as 'b'.
I think an author uses such an entity, they mean it to be distinct from
the Roman letter.

This is quite easy to fix.  I've done it myself by editing the file 
(that's in version 2.8.4, anyway)

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