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Re: lynx-dev writing HTTP-Requests to file

From: clemens fischer
Subject: Re: lynx-dev writing HTTP-Requests to file
Date: 5 Aug 2002 20:32:35 +0200

> Carl A. Schreiber:

> Lynx instead is able to do it. I can fillout the only field of the relevant 
> form and I'll get the correct response. Now I would like to see what 
> HTTP-request Lynx sends away.

this is easy.  you can use a packet-tracer for this, like tcpdump or ngrep.
they let you see exactly what happens on the wire.

on the other hand you could use lynx.cfg options to record every request
via syslogd and it has a trace option, too.  the latter is bound to
control-t.  the former is a compile time option, i think.


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