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lynx-dev LYNX: add to wish-list: ((semi-?)automatic?) saving of eg V-pag

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: add to wish-list: ((semi-?)automatic?) saving of eg V-page-19jul02-122am[-subjectNames?].html
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 02:12:51 -0400
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Lines crash (mine, *often*!),

lightning strikes isp

"Dinner's on!"

"Ohmygod, I'm already 20min late!"

etc, etc,

everyone's subject to *some* of them.


What I myself do to protect myself,
when browsing the web (of course,
via lynx), is to "V" and then "\"
and then p(rint) it out to a
file, its name always prefixed
by "V-page", and, usually, followed
the date and time "right now",
followed by a .html.

Might Lynx's saving of these V-page files
possibly be of use to more than just me?

(To me, one of the neatest features of
Lynx *is* this very ability to get a V-page.html
file that I can then read back in whenever
I want.)

Might its usefulness (assuming that's what
its thought to be -- useful) be worth
automating it, at least by having a 
command that writes out the current
V-page's html into a file the default
name of which might (via .lynxrc?  cfg?)
be "V-page-todayDate-localTimeNow.html" --

and since that would be only the *default*,
if someone wanted to add a "what-I-was-browsing-for"
string to the name, he/she merely backspaces
over the .html, enters -myWhyAndWhat.html,
and hits <return>.


QUESTION: Would *anyone* (other than this
like to have available such a feature?


This obvious-once-mentioned use of the
V key followed by the \ key, should,
I would think, be added to the
"Lynx hints and tricks" doc.

Perhaps likewise the FYI below:


To put one of these V-page files back
into effect, 100% restoring the
V-environment when it had been saved,
and thus every link visited during
that entire session up to write-file 
time, made
*again* (*trivially simply* visitable),

instead of trying (90% unsuccessfully) to
answer a G by hand-entering that long name,
I merely copy that file to eg t5.html

(no long name-typing when you use my shell-isp's 
emacs and its incredibly-wonderful dired-feature)

which is all I need (that t5.html file),
since up towards the top of my 3,000-line
bookmark-file is this block of lines:

<LI><a href="file://localhost///net/u/1/d/dkcombs/t.html">TEST 
net-u-1-d-dkcombs-LOCALHOST for t.html </a>
<LI><a href="file://localhost///net/u/1/d/dkcombs/t1.html">TEST 
net-u-1-d-dkcombs-LOCALHOST for t1.html </a>
<LI><a href="file://localhost///net/u/1/d/dkcombs/t2.html">TEST 
net-u-1-d-dkcombs-LOCALHOST for t2.html </a>
<LI><a href="file://localhost///net/u/1/d/dkcombs/t3.html">TEST 
net-u-1-d-dkcombs-LOCALHOST for t3.html </a>
<LI><a href="file://localhost///net/u/1/d/dkcombs/t18.html">TEST 
net-u-1-d-dkcombs-LOCALHOST for t18.html </a>
<LI><a href="file://localhost///net/u/1/d/dkcombs/t19.html">TEST 
net-u-1-d-dkcombs-LOCALHOST for t19.html </a>
<LI><a href="file://localhost///net/u/1/d/dkcombs/t20.html">TEST 
net-u-1-d-dkcombs-LOCALHOST for t20.html </a>


I'm sure there's *lots* of people on this
list who'll have the necessary interest
*and spare time* to implement my idea,
ASAP!    :-)

David Combs

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