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Re: lynx-dev LYNX FOR MAC (with, without osx)? Exists? curPage=1998!

From: Doug Kaufman
Subject: Re: lynx-dev LYNX FOR MAC (with, without osx)? Exists? curPage=1998!
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 10:33:14 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 30 Jun 2002, David Combs wrote:

> Someone who uses the mac is worried
> about klez bug; she says that netscape
> automatically(!) "opens" attachment.
> She's *not* a computer-person, as far
> as I know.
> I did lynx help ("?"), finally got
> to to pages that discussed mac "beta"
> implementations -- last-modified was
> 1997 for one 1998 for the other!
> What is the situation *today*?

Lynx is available for Mac with Darwin or Mac OS X. There are binaries
of fairly current versions on the OSXGNU site. The "fink" project also
can get you a recent version of lynx. See:

Perhaps we need to update the lynx documentation. I will copy this to
Chris Roberts, who maintains the lynx package for OSXGNU. Perhaps the
OSXGNU folks could be encouraged to participate in lynx-dev and to
help keep the lynx documentation and code up to date for Mac.

I don't use Mac, so I would refer other questions to the resources
listed above. See the OSXGNU web page at "";.
Doug Kaufman
Internet: address@hidden

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