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lynx-dev [PATCH] Forced exit capability for command scripts

From: Ville Herva
Subject: lynx-dev [PATCH] Forced exit capability for command scripts
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 15:05:54 +0300
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[Please CC - I'm not subscribed to lynx-dev.]

Thinking of the busy loop patch I sent earlier: on the other hand it makes
sense to continue when the script stream runs dry - that way you can make a
script that logs you in to somewhere and then continue interactively. OTOH,
when you use -cmd_script from scripts (as I do) you really want lynx to
exits once everything is done.

The attached patch implements an "exit" statement to cmd_scripts. Once exit
is encountered, lynx is forced to exit.

BTW: what is the proper way to exit? I used LYExit, but it didn't seem to
completely cleanup terminal...


# Command logfile created by Lynx 2.8.5dev.3 (06 Oct 2001)
key g
key h
key t
key t
key p
key :
key /
key /

Then try

  lynx -cmd_script=k.script

Without the exit line you can continue from where you are.

-- v --


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