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From: owner-lynx-dev
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 15:19:23 +0000

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Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 21:16:16 +0300
From: "Gleb V. Kotelnitskyy" <address@hidden>
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Subject: lynx-dev log facility limitations
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i've found that there is some <subj> in Lynx Version 2.8.4rel.1 (17 Jul
they consist of logging 
key (null)
instead of desired non-englesh characters

so i 've token a look on LYKeymap.c, and have fond there piece of code
regarding my problem

in function LYKeycodeToString
  if (!named) {
          if (c > ' ' && c < 0177)
          sprintf(buf, "%c", c);
          else if (upper8 && c > ' ' 
                && c <= 0377 
                && c <= LYlowest_eightbit[current_char_set] ) // and this line 
wondering about
        sprintf(buf, "%c", c); 
        else if (c < ' ') sprintf(buf, "^%c", c|0100); 
        else if (c >= 0400)                     //and this oerator i've 
commented out to achieve
logging of non-englesh chars
                sprintf(buf, "key-%#x", c);
        else return 0; } 

        a've made some changes in this part of code so it fits mu
        particular purpose, but i wonder what was the purpose of such

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