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Re: lynx-dev Nls support question.

From: Doug Kaufman
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Nls support question.
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 15:39:42 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Michel SUCH wrote:

> I have an OS/2 system with several units (c: d:...).
> Lynx is installed on C:. When running it from C: I get nls support
> (messages in french for me).
> >From any other disk, messages are in english except if I comy the
> directory structure containg the share directory on it.
> Is there a way to tell lynx to always get nls from C:? I use internal
> gettext.

I presume the translation files are under /share/locale/fr on your c:
drive. I see two solutions. If OS/2 supports symbolic links, place
links to c:/share/locale on your other drives as /share/locale.
Otherwise you can copy the /share/locale directory to your other
Doug Kaufman
Internet: address@hidden

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